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This year, the collective will provide 80 hours of free of charge support to Not-For-Profits who are looking to evolve a fundraising event or asset.

This initiative was developed by The Shift Agency as part of our mission to help brands unlock their true creative potential.

What does the collective include:

  • 1 x 2hr Facilitator-led Event Marketing Ideation Workshop with our Senior Management team
  • Build on the success of a current event and plan for growth in 2023
  • Create a top-line Growth Strategy for your overall brand to drive long term ROI
  • Develop a new concept to bring long term awareness or dollars to your organisation
  • Own the IP for all ideas generated

AUD $0 + GST*

Let us help you create, strategise and execute your event marketing for the new era!

There is a limited number of applications we can accept to join the Concept Create program. Organisations will be awarded on merit and application.

Hosted & Facilitated by:

Hailey Mason

CEO – The Shift
Chris Toward

MD – The Shift

Brands and Not-For-Profits we work with:


What is this Concept Create Collective?

A 2hr facilitator-guided online workshop to help you and your team kick start your next big idea. This will be a collaborative session with our senior management team. You will own the IP to any ideas you create for your organisation.

The Shift Corp

The Shift is an award winning Event Marketing  agency, changing the way modern brands connect with their people and inspiring the creation of unique events and marketing campaigns. We build event marketing assets for organisations, bringing brands to life and igniting them into the new era.

When is the next Collective?

The next ‘Collective’ Sessions will be on the in the first quarter of 2023. There will be at least four opportunities to be part of the Collective but we have limited numbers, so get in fast. Sessions will be on Google Meets.

Who is this for?

If you’re from a charity or Not-For-Profit that wants to know how to create your next big idea, then the ‘Collective’ is for you.

Can I get a sample?

Sure. Watch our recent ‘Future of Event Marketing’ Special Edition Webinar to get to know The Shift process

Watch the Special Edition Webinar  >

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