Mission Statement

The Shift Corp Mission Statement.

The underlying ethos of The Shift Corp is to make a positive change to the world. Inspiring the creation of unique events, products and assets, bringing brands to life and igniting their future into the next era.

Our foundations are built on the below statements.

  • All decisions of the company are made in the context of social, sporting, business and environmental impact.
  • Uncover, Inspire and Ignite. These principles reflect the opportunities identified by the business to develop strong relationships with employees, subcontractors, suppliers, clients and other stakeholders.
  • Management recognise that successful relationships and communities are the backbone of a creative and sustainable industry. We consider ourselves an integral part of the events community and consider our employees, suppliers and attendees to our events too. It is our policy to employ people and work with suppliers who have our fundamental values at heart.
  • We seek to profit on our assets and activities, however, not at the detriment to our social and environmental values or at the expense of the purpose of the business.
  • At all levels of operation – board, management, and staff we encourage an everything is possible attitude, create without boundaries and a widened perspective on creative, social and environmental stories
  • In our internal operations, top management will work as a group, and with maximum transparency. This includes an “open book” policy that enables employees’ easy access to decisions, within normal boundaries of personal privacy and ‘trade secrecy’. At all levels of corporate activity, we encourage open communications, a collaborative atmosphere, and maximum simplicity, while we simultaneously seek dynamism and innovation.
  • We commit to staying flexible, moving fast when needed with full understanding of cost and resource implications.
  • The Shift must grow organically and not push to grow too fast where there is not a strong foundation to be built on. If exponential growth is expected, we must slow down and look at our foundation before accepting the growth. We must operate within our means and not commit to any project or spend without considering social, sporting, business and environmental impact.
  • We commit to 1% of annual profit or $1000 whichever greater toward The Shift Foundation.
  • Of each employee’s annual hours 2% of hours per year will be allocated to a grassroots sports project of their choice.
  • The Shift develops assets for clients to utilise within their business to encourage positive change and profit for those clients.
  • Maximum attention is given to product and asset quality, attention to detail, maximum exposure for positive change and pushing creative boundaries.
  • Any asset that is produced by The Shift should be able to stand against other world class events of its type and be the leader.
  • Through our work we take the purpose of our client or consumer and help change the language around social responsibility and shift perspectives into a new broader and bigger way of thinking.