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BEAMS Arts Festival

45,000+ Attendees
Sydney Cultural Hub

BEAMS is a multi-disciplinary arts festival showcasing work from the whole spectrum of the arts.

The Festival is a Free-All Ages event that sees 8 streets taken over and closed for a day in Chippendale, with attendee’s free to wandering through the art-filled laneways of the precinct, experiencing a night of artistic emersion, as well as opportunities to directly participate through hands-on art-making, workshops and outdoor performances.

The BEAMS Arts Festival also gives an opportunity for local businesses to showcase their food, drinks, and products, with crowds growing to 20,000 people across the night.

  • Arts, Entertainment, Cultural Festival
  • Annual Festival / Multiple Years / 45,000+ spectators
  • Public Spaces: Streets, Laneways, Venues, Parks
  • Overall Project Management
  • Creation and Management of EOI process
  • Government Stakeholders
  • Integration Of Local Bars, Cafe’s, Restaurants, Hotels
  • Integration Of Local Galleries
  • Budget Development and Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Community / Resident Engagement
  • Multi Location
  • 100+ Artists