>   Red Bull Billy Cart 2022

Red Bull Billy Cart

30,000+ Spectators
#Melbourne / Families / Free All-ages Event
1,500,000 Unique Reach

Red Bull Billy Cart is a ‘Brand Building’ event created to be used as an Event marketing asset that can be taken into any major city for mass impact.

With engagement at the core, the teams first challenge is to pass the design and creativity pre-selection phase and be picked by the judging panel to advance to the main event day. Once selected they work as a team to construct their designs and hone their pre-race routines and costumes.

Red Bull Billy Cart is a free public all ages event attracting 30,000 spectators lining the purpose built street course and obstacles, enjoying food from the festival area while watching the action live on one of the big screens around the precinct.

A full Outdoor Broadcast TV studio with over 20 camera’s capture all the action for viewers, and the event’s major partnerships Suzuki, SuperCheap Auto, Funlab and City of Melbourne are activated in the Festival zone and around the precinct.

Key Project Elements:

  • Creation of Unique Free AlL-Ages Event
  • Staffing and logistics management
  • Creative & Strategic Planning and Development
  • Overall Project Management
  • Creative Direction, Programming, & Scheduling
  • Crowd Flow & Management Planning 30,000+ Spectators
  • Stakeholder Management: Emergency Services, City of Melbourne
  • Licensing
  • LIve Outside Broadcast to Bigscreens / 7 Plus / Nova
  • Budget Development and Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Brand Activation Management of Partners
  • Staffing Procurement and Management
  • VIP Hospitality Management