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Red Bull Cape Fear

1.5M Live Broadcast
98.2M impressions

Red Bull Cape Fear is widely considered one of the events that changed the face of big wave competitive surfing as the World knew it, and is the world’s only tow-and-paddle surfing competition.

After the mind-melting success of the Cape Solander edition in 2016, this time moved the contest to Shipstern Bluff, the spiritual home of slab surfing in the Southern Hemisphere.

Logistically very difficult in remote conditions, access by 90min hike or boat trip, the event overlay included over 20 water vessels, a land based TV compound 1km from the water, satelites, and a TV studio on the other side of the planet.

With a 4 month waiting period coming to an end, a contestable swell arrived and the contest was greenlit, and action plans kicked into place.

A hugely successful project watched Live around the Globe by 1.5M viewers earned media 98.2M impressions, and online views ongoing.