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We Created Red Bull Dirt Pipe

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The Red Bull Dirt Pipe is a World-First full size dirt halfpipe created to push the boundaries of the sport of BMX and what’s possible.

We developed a spark of an idea to a global best practice event for Red Bull. From ideation, to build, budget and overall project management we brought in specialists from our Global Talent Pool to create without boundaries.

Fusing together the dynamic worlds of snowboard super pipe and the dirt jumping mayhem that only BMX can bring to the table, a huge dirt halfpipe was carved over several months from the fertile soil of the Victorian snow fields in Australia.

The dirt pipe ran 120 metre in length, standing an intimidating 4 metres high and bristled with wall rides, hips and street inspired extensions to push the riders to the limits of their riding skills and imagination.

30 riders were invited, and arrived to find a fun park they could have only imagined in their wildest dreams. The project has spread like wildfire around the world, with the concept set to spawn a new crossover discipline for BMX and Mountain Biking.

Red Bull have been able to use this content now for 10+ years reaching millions of consumers.

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