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Red Bull X-Fighters

69 Countries

The Red Bull X-Fighters series is considered the most prestigious freestyle motocross event series in the world with a 15-year history and more than 50 events on six continents.

For Australia, a multi-million dollar stadium was created in Sydney at Cockatoo Island, where the gritty industrial space was taken over to showcase the gravity-defying dirt bike devils, scaling heights of 15-metres in search of glory, with Sydney Harbour as the backdrop.

Behind the scenes, this one day event was months in planning and around 5 weeks to transport and build this unique show on an island in the middle of Sydney’s famous Harbour.

A custom spectator transport system was developed to transport 11,000 ticket holders and VIP’s to the Island, and millions of viewers in 69 countries watched the Live Event Broadcast.

Key Project Elements:

  • Overall Project Management (2 Years)
  • 22,000+ Spectators & Corporate Hospitality
  • Sydney Harbour Federation Trust: Best Practice Case Study Event
  • Key Liaison with Local, State, Federal Government/ Blue Light Agencies
  • Curation / Execution of Event Creative Direction
  • Creation of Water Transport Systems for Stadium Build, VIP’s, Athletes, Corporates and Spectators
  • Live Global Broadcast 69 Countries
  • Financial Reporting, Budget Development and Management
  • Community / Resident Engagement
  • Partnership Procurement and Management
  • Hospitality Management