>   Meet Me In The Middle

We Created Meet Me In The Middle

30+ Male/Female

A walk event for Sydney’s Food & Wine lovers. Participants choose from 1 of 4 scenic 10km walks (starting from North, East, South, and West) before arriving at ‘The Middle’ to meet family and friends at Barangaroo Reserve, to a festival for the taste buds including wine, craft beer, cheese tasting, the MMITM Picnic Market, and the best view Sydney has to offer.


Key Project Elements:

  • Creation of Unique Multi-Venue Food & Wine Participation Festival
  • Creative & Strategic Planning and Development
  •  Engagement & Management of SME’s from Craft & Specialty Food & Wine Sector
  • Permissions & Licensing Management
  • Overall Project Management
  • Budget Development and Management
  • Stakeholder & Supplier Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Procurement Partnerships & Charity Partner
  • Volunteer, Staffing Procurement and Management
  • Multiple Courses
  • Engagement and Management of Artists & Performers